What to Expect at a Sunday Morning Gathering

Coastside is a friendly place, where we encourage you to be yourself. 

Our Grow Groups begin at 9:30am - we have groups for Children and Adults. And our Sunday Service starts at 10:45am.

Feel free to dress casually.  When you arrive, look for signs to lead you to where we meet for church, the Stetson Worship Center. As you enter Stetson, you will notice a Greeters Table and one of our ushers will be able to show you where to take your children (after the music time) and answer any other questions you may have.

Don't forget to grab a free cup of coffee or tea, at the Coastside CafĂ©, at the rolldown window at the Stetson Worship Center.  (10:30-10:40 snacks will also be available.)

The beginning of the Service includes keyboard/guitar-driven Christian Worship Music, led by our Worship Team.  Words are projected on a screen, so join us in singing! 

Sometimes during the singing, leaders may lead us in quiet prayer or some Scripture reading. This part of the service will conclude with a "Say Hello to the person sitting next to you" time and them some announcements. We typically dismiss our younger children to their classes at this time. You are welcome to walk them to their class and sign them in. Then, we have a time of giving (as our guest, please do not feel pressured to contribute to the offering - unless you would like to do so). 

After this, Pastor Rob McIlvoy (or other guest speakers) will give a Talk that's based on Biblical Principles.  Our teachings are very practical for every day life.  We encourage you to take notes (there are sermon notes paper in the back).  If you would like prayer after the service, there will be people in the front of the room who will be happy to pray with you about anything, with no pressure. The service ends at 12:15pm. 

We hope you will experience the Peace and Presence of the Living God with us, meet one or two of our Church Family, and feel comfortable as you join us for church at Coastside.