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          I’d like to invite you to join a story. A story greater than anything you or I could imagine, one that far precedes us and will long outlast us…. The story of God’s work here on earth. (Or HIS-story if you want to get clever about it). I am humbled by the chapter I’ve been written into, and I dare not venture into this tale alone. My own twisting, winding path has led through valleys and peaks, dark nights and glorious days. Unexpected and unpredictable, but pointing always back to a life with those whom have been relegated to the margins, those whom human history has tried to write out of the story. I believe that humans don’t get to tell the whole tale, however, and that THE Author is intimately concerned with the very ones scribbled into the margins of the page. They are far from an afterthought in His mind, and He has drawn me to those margins as He writes a new story. A story that starts in the margins, spreading beauty and new life, until we are all surprised by joy.

             North American Indigenous Ministries (NAIM) has welcomed me into their part of this story, and I in turn would like to invite you into my little corner. I moved here last July, humbled by the opportunity to once again share life with a First Nation community. My memories of the Northern Cheyenne and the Lakota reserve communities are some of the best of my life, and my heart has yearned to return since the moment I left. I know that for this mission to be successful and sustainable long term requires a communal effort. I can’t wait to watch as God unites people from all walks of life, all across the world, in the story He is writing in Mount Currie. I passionately believe that you will fall in love with the community I have come to call home, and I’d love for you to partner with me as I partner with NAIM in “Serving with First Nations to reach all nations.”

            I began this endeavor with a Masters degree in social work and Christian ministry, and hope to contribute to community and youth development while also gently discipling. I believe Jesus demonstrated holistic ministry, and that we are called to love and attend to the whole person as well as whole communities. We can neither address spiritual matters while neglecting very real and pressing physical needs, nor can we provide physically while ignoring spiritual longings. Our concern is to be for the here and now as well as the eternal. My desire is to share the love of Christ by showing the love of Christ. This is a long-term process of building relationship and trust, of consistently being present in these youths’ lives to share their triumphs and heartaches. It means they text me when they score a point in a game or when they need a hug, that they trust I truly care for them. It sometimes takes months before they will ask me a question about God, but when they do, they are ready to hear the answer.

Thank you for joining the story by taking the time to read this! I am so grateful for you.


Sarah Morris

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